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About Us

Winways Infomatics is strategically positioned as independent, domain focused business units with clearly defined brand identity. We offers Linux based training through three modes namely In-House, Campus and Corporate.

                      The strategic alliance of Winways with leading International Linux distributor Red Hat enables a futuristic environment for offering GNU/Linux based training programs for the students who wants to stay ahead of the competition. The key value here is that the training programs are conducted at Winways development environment, which naturally gives the real time exposure to the learners.

                      Nowadays professional degree courses are becoming more and more competitive due to various reasons. Unlike the olden days, students and parents are analyzing the value propositions of various institutions before opting for an admission. Hence genuine and future promising value enhancements are very vital for all institutions. Winways also takes few of its course packages to the campus site in instances where the management of the institution is willing to add value to their students. The entire program is conducted at the institute's facility. This option also gives industry exposure to the faculty members and students of the institution.

                      One of the great things about Linux-based solutions for enterprise applications, Internet, web, and e-commerce is that the low licensing costs of open source software. Hence the corporate can invest in their most valuable resource: people. The best way to invest in people is to provide them with high quality training and certification. Investing in Linux based training and certification ensures that the staff members are ready for serious Linux deployments. It also ensures that the company will realize the full value of Linux-based solutions. Winways can help companies identify their training requirements and precisely what level of training is required. Winways Learning Services consultants will assess the team's readiness for Linux, and then craft a custom Corporate Training Plan to meet the company's specific needs.